the Canton Fair on the 23rd


     According to the news center of the Canton Fair on the 23rd, the 132nd Canton Fair was closely connected to the five continents of the world, and more than 70 "Bridge of Trade" global trade promotion activities (including special events) were held in 46 countries and regions. More than 20 multinational leading enterprises, more than 200 professional buyers and more than 600 exhibitors were connected online "one-to-one" precisely.

    According to preliminary statistics, 98% of the purchasers and 72% of the exhibitors who participated in the docking activities reached orders, with a total of more than 400 intent orders.

    Although the Beidi Company did not participate due to the epidemic situation, after everything became normal, the Beidi company pet house manufacturer could show our best products to the corresponding customers at the Canton Fair. We have large, medium and small plastic dog houses, and double-layer villa plastic dog houses. These are products developed by the Beidi Company itself. I believe that customers who have seen real products will love our plastic dog houses.