What we will do when we get the order for the plastic dog house !


please find out what our internal staff are busy with all day long:

1,In order to receive the plastic dog house orders, whether it is the direct order of the customer or the order of the salesman, first of all, we need to make a contract, and both parties confirm to sign and seal it.

2,After the customer's advance payment arrives, the internal affairs department should make renderings according to the customer's requirements and then arrange production.

3,The plastic dog house order should be placed according to whether it is inventory shipment or order production. If the inventory is directly shipped, the order can be directly placed and shipped to the warehouse. If the order is produced, the production order should be issued to the workshop, and the workshop will arrange the production. After the production is completed, the order can be delivered to the warehouse.

4,After delivery, make document arrangement and submit it to the finance department for invoice.

5,I need to sort out all the documents, check accounts with customers and settle accounts.

6,Deal with the plastic dog house order after-sales problems.