A happy life for a pet dog


Dogs will do their best to please you! He will meekly curl up at your feet when you are depressed or exhausted, and he will play with you when you are happy. It doesn't mind and doesn't remember even your most innocent little mistakes, it fawns on you, it cares for you, it depends on you, it enjoys being with you, it protects you wholeheartedly, it is your most loyal friend. Are you going to get a dog? Are you going to give it food, water, protection, training, companionship, companionship, whatever it needs? What's more, having a dog also means you will be responsible for a life. Are you ready? Are you ready to take good care of your dog for the next 10 to 15 years of your life? Are you sure you can afford all these extra expenses in the long run? When a dog becomes a member of your family, are you prepared? Do you have any children at home? Do you want to get rid of your child because he or she got wet in bed? What do you want to do with your dog when you are occasionally bored? Throw it away like an old piece of furniture? Be honest with yourself. Do you have enough time to take care of it? How would you do that? A lot of people think a dog is just a dog. But as a companion in life, a dog has his personality. What are you going to do with that? Are you in the right family situation to keep it? In the future? Each family has its own characteristics, needs, plans, and limitations. Could owning a dog make your life happier without adding more embarrassment and trouble? Do you have a family member who is allergic to dog hair? Do you get upset when you have dog hair all over your clothes and bread? Other pets have little trouble with hair loss, which can be a heavy and difficult problem for dogs. Do you have any children at home? Do you plan to have children in the future? Many dogs can be a child's best friend, but parents often worry that the dog might bite their child while playing with them. Many dogs love digging in the dirt, and they enjoy digging in your beautiful yard more than any other animal. And some dogs are very fond of barking. Would you mind hearing his not-so-charming barks all day? Do you mind if your dog often hangs around your house? Maintenance: Newbies, puppies VS Nurseries Dogs are very energetic and they love walking and running outside. Would you take them out for a run every day or would you rather lock them in? If a dog sits idle all day long it tends to become irritable and even destructive. Have you thought about all this? Dogs are still the best companions and most loyal friends. Different dogs have different personalities, just as different families have different characteristics, the right dog can make your life more harmonious and fun, and the wrong dog can be the worst nightmare of your life. It's all about your choice. Think about it. Could you live a slightly different life? Hopefully this will help you get your dog right and get the right dog. Of course, it's all worth it: Dogs have always been man's best companions! You need to check your home carefully before bringing your puppy home. Puppies are like babies. They want to explore every nook and cranny of your home and they love to bite into everything. So if a puppy licks off uncollected toilet cleaner, it can be dangerous. Be sure to unplug, remove, or cover electrical wires in your dog's living area with tape. Gnawing on electrical wires can cause serious mouth burns. In addition, you can not use the socket, with tape cover. Keep your dog away from buttons, thread, sewing needles, pins and other sharp objects. If a dog ingests these items, it can cause mouth injuries and even damage internal organs. Do not tie a ribbon around a puppy's neck, as the puppy may want to chew on the ribbon and cause digestive disease. And if the ribbon gets caught on something, it can even cause the dog to choke. Pet health Plant toxic to dogs puppy first aid treatment dog bowl good appetite! If your puppy has a tendency to bite the turf, don't overstress. However, if it tries to bite the following plants, you have to stop it, or it could cause a lot of problems. These plants can make your puppy sick and even die. Remember: this list doesn't include all dangerous plants. To learn about these and other dangerous plants, you must consult a professional veterinarian. Daily necessities Before you bring your dog home, please buy the following daily necessities for him. If you prepare for your new friend's arrival, you and your dog will have a little more time to get to know each other. Choose a bowl for food and water that will not tip over. And, because you have to do the dishes for the dog every day, his dishes better be easy to clean. Also, food and water should be served in separate bowls. To start, you can buy smaller bowls; Then, as the dog gets older, buy bigger bowls. This will prevent your dog from getting his head stuck in food or soaked in water every time he eats. The correct use of dog rope for raising puppies YES and NO! When choosing a lightweight collar for your dog, you have many choices: some have buttons, others have springs. No matter what style you choose for your dog's collar, remember to put a puppy wrap tag on it with the dog's name, your address, and phone number. Your puppy's first collar should be lightweight nylon or leather. To estimate the size of the collar, measure the circumference of the dog's neck and add two inches (about 5 centimeters). A collar of the right size should allow you to place two fingers between the collar and the dog's neck. If your finger feels just right, the collar you've chosen is the right size. If there is extra room, you may want to choose a smaller collar for your puppy. The collar may be too small if you can't fit it with either finger. Because it takes a while for a puppy to get used to the collar, don't worry too much if he looks uncomfortable or reaches for it. Dog chains come in a variety of styles: leather, stretchable nylon; They're all different lengths. Whether you want to train or walk a puppy, six feet is the ideal size. Unless your dog is in an enclosed area, remember to keep him on a leash at all times. In the United States, many states and cities have mandatory laws that require you to keep your dog on a leash at all times, even when you take him out of the park or playground. Although we do not have such regulations here, but for the safety of the dog, please do so. If your dog goes to the bathroom in a public place (e.g., a park, a neighbor's lawn), clean it up and keep it tidy. Grooming appliances You must prepare suitable grooming appliances for the dog. Carding with a lot of kinds, to see the dog is which kind of type, to decide suitable appliances. If your puppy is a shorthair, you can use a natural boar bristle brush, a rubber horse comb, or gloves. If your dog's coat is longer, you may need a durable, wide-toothed iron brush or something to comb open a mat. Remember to get a flea comb for your dog, and as soon as possible start grooming your dog once a week. Toys All puppies need toys; Because toys on the one hand can help the dog exercise, on the other hand, can also satisfy the dog's desire to bite things. When choosing a toy for your dog, remember to choose a toy designed for your dog that will not shatter, tear or devour. Rawhide products, nylon chews, or hard rubber balls are all fun and safe toys. Generally speaking, if a toy can easily fit in the dog's mouth, the toy is too small for the dog. You choose for the dog toys, and should not contain the following items: · the sponge toy have hard and sharp, for example: this toy may decompose, if the dog swallowed, may cause danger, your shoes or other personal clothing: let your dog put these things as a toy, will let the dog thought, you allow it to bite your shoes, or tore a hole in your clothes. Yarn, yarn ball, cellophane, entangled knot, plastic bags or other household items: these items may be stuck in the dog's throat, lead to the dog throat plug, even suffocation by soft rubber, fur, lumber, sponge or plastic children's toys: if the dog swallowed a part of these items, can cause digestive problems. To help your puppy get the right nutrients right from the start, choose a well-balanced puppy diet right from the start. Your puppy needs a warm, comfortable place to sleep. When you are not at home, a kennel can be used for the puppy to rest in. Kennels usually come in two forms: a portable, enclosed plastic kennel with a handle; Or, metal. The kennel you have for your dog should be big enough for him to stand up, turn around and lie down in, and well ventilated. If you are buying an adult kennel for your dog, you can purchase separate dividers to put in the kennel, or place a cardboard box in the kennel to provide a comfortable space for your dog. If you plan to sleep with your dog, you can prepare a separate bed for your dog to sleep in when you are not home. We recommend that you buy a puppy size (rather than adult dog size) bed for your dog, so that your dog when sleeping, will be more secure, feel more comfortable, just right. Detergent and deodorant to remove odor cats and dogs also want to wash dirty special detergent and deodorant, can remove the smell of the dog excretion. Instead of the traditional detergents and deodorants you buy at pet supply stores, they mask odors with human-like smells instead of dog-like smells. Therefore, if your dog defecates and you use traditional detergents and deodorants to deodorize, your dog will usually defecate in the same place all the time; This is normal. It is simply marking its sphere of influence. Print out the information provided and put it on a shelf in your bedroom, near the kennel or in the kitchen. Because you never know when you might need an answer to a question. To the pet market, to see the dog can be arrested, can not help but impulse to buy a dog, or picked up a lost dog back, no way to raise the dog. If it is for these reasons, a lot of care and discipline can make a very pleasant dog. Parenting and proper discipline are the most important. Second, choose the kind of dog. Here we introduce some of the more popular dogs. The main reason is related to the kind of dog and the shape of the dog, more important because of the gentle character, not easy to catch diseases, easy to approach people and so on. However, even gentle breeds can grow into aggressive puppies if they are not properly trained. So if the owner indulges the puppy blindly, it is putting the cart before the horse. This will not only fail to achieve the desired effect, but also make the dog arrogant and undomesticated. This is absolutely out of the question. ① Wolfdog: male weight is 8.5-9.5kg, female weight is 7-8kg. Males are 38-41 cm tall and females 35-38 cm tall. In the medium size of the dog type, is a small category. Native to Japan, it is characterized by short hair, erect ears, and a tail curled upward. The color of the hair is generally taupe, reddish brown, black brown, all red or all black. Lively, quick and wild. ② Pug: weight is 8-14 kg, height is 30-38 cm. In the middle size of the dog type, is also a small species. Native to The United Kingdom, it is characterized by short hair, drooping ears, black and white with a piece of tan, or white and chestnut mixed together, gentle, friendly nature, easy to teach. ③ The poodle weighs 6-7 kg and is 33-41 cm tall. It is a small, medium sized dog. It has roughly the same characteristics as a pug. Native to the United Kingdom, the face looks a bit funny. But he listens to his master. Yorkshire Terrier pet dog: weight about 3.2 kg, 20-23 cm in height. It's a tiny puppy. Origin: United Kingdom. The colour is grey with a bluish tinge. The hair color is relatively simple and the hair on the body is very long. A lively personality and a quick mind. ⑤ Poodle: weight under 3.2 kg, height between 20-24 cm. It's also a tiny puppy. Origin: Australia. Characteristic is obvious: whole body pure white. A lively personality. ⑥ Poodle: weigh less than 3.2kg. He is between 20 and 25 cm tall. A tiny dog. The country of origin is Germany. The whole body is hairy and long. Need careful care. There are different colors: red, black, yellow, maroon and so on. Gentle character and clever mind. And so on.