Current difficulties faced by the plastic industry


       Like other plastic dog kennel enterprises in the same industry, the plastics industry is facing a very difficult situation. Especially since the beginning of 2022, the sudden rise in the cost of electricity has seriously restricted the stable development of enterprises.

     Originally, in 2021, the rise in crude oil costs led to a sharp rise of more than 30% for PP which major raw material for plastic dog kennel, PE and other major reasons, and led to a sharp rise in logistics costs, which brought serious difficulties to traditional plastic enterprises. Taking Beidi factory as an example, the rise in crude oil prices has abruptly halted the factory's gradual and steady rise for more than 20 years. There was a sharp decline in profits. This phenomenon has never been seen since the establishment of the factory.

     In front of difficulties, plastic dog kennel staff hold together for warmth. Confidence is more important than gold. All of us bei'di staff know the difficult situation facing the industry. We have confidence, determination, patience and perseverance to work hard to overcome the current difficulties.